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I had an ankle fusion after 4 failed surgeries almost 5 years ago. It was the best decision I made. I can now walk with tolerable pain. Active release and regular adjustments with my chiropractor help a lot. My orthopedic surgeon suggests harder soled shoes. I wear what ever is comfortable. For long walks and at work (I am a nurse but in an office and not on my feet for more that 4 hours) I wear a good fitting expensive walking/running shoe. New Balance work too. I have a small lift in my shoe since I am a 1/8 an inch shorter on that side. It does make a difference. I can actually wear a wedge shoe now for dress if I need to. Just not walking or dancing a lot. It takes time but it is the best decision I made given my ankle was shattered into a million pieces that wouldn't go back together after a semi hit me. I would chose it again. But I have done everything my Dr told me to do and prayed a lot. I hope yours works out well. Give it time and take it easy. The rocker shoes worked for me for a while until my knee started hurting from them.

September 9, 2019 - 9:01am


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