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In 2011, victim of a head on collision, shot my femur thru my pelvis, broke every rib, fractured my sternum and broke every bone in my foot/ankle. Decided to try to save my foot and they did after a 22 hr surgery (Froedtert Hospital/WI), they are the best. But I didn't have health insurance and couldn't afford therapy and it collapsed. 2 years I lived with that until I got Medicare. Finally, in 2014 I had to have an ankle fusion and it sucks. The numbness, the pain and the toe cramps. From mid-calf to the toe is gets so cold (corpse like). It fused crooked and I am walking on the side of my foot. (This causes a chain reaction of pain in my whole leg to my hip & back). I can't wear any shoes unless they are laced because my foot is humped on top and won't slide into any shoes. Sometimes when the pain is sooo bad, I wish they would've cut it off. But as bad as these complications are, I am grateful I have my foot. I can walk, not real far or long, but I can. I did find a shoe solution for me that works with an ankle brace, Sketcher’s Shape Ups, they have the totally rounded bottom. They are not sold anymore because of running instability, but I don't run! (U can find them in thrift stores and people selling them online). If your balance isn't the greatest I suggest wearing a regular shoe on good foot for stability. (Matching isn't an issue compared to comfort/walking more normal). Good luck and may you all have more good days than bad!

January 24, 2018 - 9:36pm


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