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I had a left ankle fusion back in 1986. If it is done correctly you should be able to remain very active. I am very active, bike, ski, fly, exercise, hike. The only things I cannot do are high impact things, running, some yoga poses [I improvise] and cannot balance on my left foot only. there are other things to consider which your doctor can brief you on such as constant swelling, a level of constant pain, possible/likely stress fractures in the other joints within you foot. my doctor fused my ankle so that my foot is at an angle pronating outward, most of my weight is on the outside of my foot and this creates a smoother gate, less limping. actually i do not really have a noticeable limp at all, its very, very slight. few people even know i have an ankle issue due to the way my doctor fused it. anyway, i highly recommend it over amputation. amputation was my second option as well and i'm glad i went with the fusion. good luck. Janet

October 17, 2017 - 4:20pm


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