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Hello everyone, I've been following bits and pieces throughout the last year or so and have found it helpful. So thank you all.

My situation is it much different than everybody else's, I've been doing dealing with a disintegrating left foot for 30+ Years. My 7 surgery was last December ( bone spurs and joint opening) which left me with very little motion when I was expecting to gain motion. Now it looks like I'm on the track for some kind of fusion which I have refused in the past. Most likely a total ankle&foot fusion. I feel like it's no better than having a peg leg and truly think I'd be better off having it cut off. Even though it's not fused yet my range of motion is now down to 15% total, zero on a bad day. I'm quite active and I have two extremely young kids, so I want to remain active.

Any thoughts on amputation versus total foot/ankle fusion. Would be glad to read any info or even send you my email somehow. Bit more history, all ankle ligaments of been replaced or rerouted, no arch, about a level 4 arthritis, the talus has shift and is tilted, mid-foot collapse has begun.

October 1, 2017 - 10:20am


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