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Hello JenM

Thank you for writing!

If you don't need to wear a mask all day - don't. Take it off at home and while driving and as soon as you leave a building. In other words, only wear it when necessary. I see people driving alone and wearing a mask as it's almost second nature now. There is no need to wear one under those kind of circumstances!

Masks need to be secure, but not too tight. Make sure this isn't the case. And use an unscented diaper cream (diaper rash cream is great!) or zinc oxide on your skin - this will really guard against rashes.

A mask with a tie around the head rather than elastic around the ears can also help. I get a lot of irritation around the ears.

Remember to clean and moisturise your face well, each morning and evening.

I hope this helps - stay healthy!


June 26, 2020 - 11:14am


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