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Hello, Frickinnuts!

Thank you for posting today.

So, for 5 years, there has been no diagnosis of any kind? All test results normal, correct? If this is the case, she may need treatment for depression. When a person is depressed they tend to lose weight, food and daily activities become unimportant. There are many medications that can help treat depression. We cannot know why your wife feels ill, but being depressed may play a part. Also, taking too many over-the-counter medications may be making her ill or at least contributing. Are these medications necessary? Has she thought about stopping them to give her body a break and see how she feels? Did her doctor recommend them? If so, ask him or her if they are really necessary.

Have you thought about having her see a naturopath physician or looking into alternative medicine? Some people have had good results combining alternative treatments with traditional medicine. The 2 resources below can give you more information. Copy/paste the link(s).



We hope your wife will feel better soon. Please keep us updated.



March 9, 2019 - 1:15pm


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