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After reading your post I must say I felt so much anger well up inside of me because it triggered very similar the things that I went through with my relationship of 8 years. We had a great sex life and even if we fought we had great make-up sex. I learned early in our relationship that my bf was really in to porn what I didn't realize was that he was addicted and what started out as fun to watch together became a complete nightmare for me. He was on porn and masterbating so much eventually he began choosing the porn over me. He was also involved with many dating sites and I learned that not only was porn getting him off but he had memberships to live cam girls so he was having sex in "real time" and that to me was the same as cheating he had a cam she had a cam they watched each other while they talked sexually! Even now my stomache is in knots thinking about how this absolutely destroyed any bit of self esteem I ever had. He became violent with me and we broke up several times it was really bad. Eventually after a 6month seperation we started seeing each other but he was not the same man he is now extremely distant and very quiet abnormally quiet he doesnt seem to be watching porn etc, and we get a long but it's very shallow and it's confusing because it's been almost 2 years since he stopped touching me except i can count on one hand the times. He doesn't fight with me he just seems with drawn. I am working through the horrible hurt that he hurled onto me including cheating with other women at one point. I probably shouldn't be with him because I believe sex is important and I just dont understand the complete reverse behavior in him. I almost think it's another game. I guess I needed to share this because the pain has been almost crippling emotionally. I do hope that anyone suffering like some of us women have finds help and the best guidance for this. thanks
Syn. Nyx

June 6, 2017 - 10:33pm


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