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With all respect, the author is seriously contorting and over-simplifying both epigenetics as a field and it's role in PTSD. Articles like this do far more harm than good. You do not "inherit trauma" in the same straight-forward way that you do eye color (which isn't even as simple as the Punnett Square Bb x bb you learned about in HS biology class). Epigenetics has been misunderstood since the days of Lemarck and is only now being looked into in a more well-understood light. Cobbling together two or three sentences about a half dozen nacent studies with no real context or comprehension contributes to public confusion -- as well as ridiculous claims of "I inherited my PTSD from my mother" flooding support groups and agencies that help people who actually been genuinely traumatized.

January 23, 2016 - 8:46am


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