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My Dr. had me skipping Pap tests to every other year at 30 and I almost died at 34 (2nd skip)! Please keep getting paps every year; with insurance and a $40 copay I was dumb to NOT go but the Dr. said that was the new standard. I had an emergency TOTAL hysterectomy at age 34, complications with blood clots after surgery but thank God I'm here to tell the story today! Go get your pap every year no matter what they tell you! It could save your life and keep you around for your families sake if not your own. My new Gynecologist is still amazed at my story and how the cervical cancer progressed so much in that amount of time but it happened. I'm not a smoker either. Perfectly good health, exercised regularly, routine check ups... none of it mattered when I skipped a year!

January 26, 2017 - 1:31pm


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