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(reply to S. Gillette-Palmer)

Let's just give a run down of what happened so I feel better talking about it. So my period was from December 14-19. We then had sex on the 23. I always track it on my period tracker. Had sex and he pulled out as he was feeling about to cum and noticed the condom broke and instantly was cumming as soon as he pulled out. I started hysterically crying because I didn't know if anything got in and he believes he fully pulled out. But I'm just paranoid from that. So it was about 12:00 am on the same day. So about not even an hour after sex. Ran to the pharmacy and got the My Way contraceptive pill. So I took the pulled within two hours of sex. I took it with a glass of water. It's now January 3 and my expected date is the 12 of this month. So I'm nine days away. I can't help but feel extremely paranoid for some reason. We have taken the pill before actually regarding the same situation. I am not on birth control just because I tend to have infections in ears and what not needing antibiotics. So it's not a need for me to be on it since birth control couldn't be as effective. ALSO I AM NOT ON ANY ANTIBIOTICS AT ALL CURRENTLY HAVENT IN A GOOD SIX MONTHS. Also I've read birth control can cause it difficult to become pregnant later on in life so my mom doesn't want me on it right now. I am 20. And I'm sure in a few years I'll go on it. I don't know why I'm so scared. I haven't feel my body change. Other than the one day experiencing some blood in my underwear more or a dark blood how it is towards the end of a period cycle. But it just lasted the one day. And I thought my period might have come earlier. I'm just looking for a in depth response in that I should be okay. I just need the comfort right now.

January 3, 2016 - 9:10pm


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