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My story all over again. except I got away and divorced him even though I thought I was madly in love. he would call me names liar, lazy, bitch what ever infront of my girls I never did nothing the girls had chores so instead of it being chores I made them clean the house because I was to lazy. hes never wrong no matter what. I never get a minute to speak. we divorce and then remarried after he convienced me he had changed an had decided to put God first. Things were good for a minute. then it was everything I did was wrong I had a heart attack it was from the stress he had me under but it was my weight and the way I eat. he gets up and eats during the middle of the night. he don't want me spending time with my friend says I never want to spend time with him and no not really all we do is fight. everything is a fight. I put gas in the car and its why do you need gas he watches the bank acct like a hawk all the time called me on spending $2.71 2 different morning at mcdonalds for breakfast before work. I told him the last time I checked my check went in the bank on Friday to. I have become overwhelmed. its a burden to him for me to have the grandchildren over to me its a blessing something I enjoy. he treats me like a child instead of his wife. I don't know what to do. I know my worth in Jesus Christ but I don't feel it do to his constant badgering and manipulation. he says im always gone I chose others over him. but if he has something planned to do he don't care what I do He get up sometimes as early as 3am cause he will have to be at work at 5am I don't get up unitl 5;30 or 6 cause I don't have to be at work til 7:30 he thinks I should get up with him Im exhausted and have been ever since my heart attack last summer. my kids and friend are like you never had all these health issues until I you got with him and now they are all worried. I know what I need to do but im scared to leave him

October 23, 2017 - 9:11am


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