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Only people who've been in a relationship wih a narc know how incredibly destructive they are.
It's not about getting them help. They don't want it. They don't think they need it.

Leaving a narc is the greatest (yet most difficult) thing anyone could do for themselves. These people are manipulative, and cruel. They're deceptive and know exactly who to target. They aren't anyone's project to fix.

Anyone who has had the misfortune of being with a narc knows it all too well. One must love and respect themselves enough to leave a situation once they understand the gravity of what is being done to them.
Narc abuse isn't something one simply gets over. The aftermath is terrible. This is why one must "up and leave"... It literally is either your sanity and life on the line.

April 6, 2016 - 12:17pm


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