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Anyone whos ever been in a "relationship" with a Narc knows there is nothing cute or humorous about their situation. Narcs are brutally verbally abusive, always do it while others are home to hear him call you a thief, a liar, an ungrateful bitch as he goes on without taking a breath, and ignoring your attempts to defend yourself by never letting you utter a syllable, looking off in another direction often with his eyes closed as he screams so that he can focus on what cruel lies he wants to come out of his mouth that he knows you cant counter though you try with all your might. Its non stop for 30-45 minutes for him.. all you can do is cry.. and look away .. hoping maybe he'll realize hes gone too far again and stop .. that is .. once youve given up trying to interrupt or make him stop, looking at him with your eyes so full of tears you can barely see his silhouette youre painted as the worst, most useless, worthless, thankless, selfish, hated thieving liar that ever walked the earth. Ive noticed hes been asking me questions about work, my mom, my best friend and taking my words and twisting them into unbelievable hurtful lies and screaming them at me, with my uncle (who lives here following a stroke) 5 ft away. He says my hest friend of 38 yrs isnt talking to me and laughs .. he scream that im a piece of shit daughter for abandoning my poor helpless mom (she has a bf. He moved in.) He doesnt allow me to work. Before i met him i was at my job with CBS for 13 yrs. Because of that i was able to land several great jobs .. i have mysteriously been relieved of my duties with each of them. I was selected for a job with the City .. was taking part in 4 weeks of training. Because i could not bring myself to bave sex with him with his repeated humiliation, i was made to.sleep in my car.. he came outside it was dark and cold .. he laughed as he looked at me from the front door and said "boy its cold out here too bad you wont have a blanket and btw .. move to the street i dont want anyone seeing you on the driveway. I hadnt even changed out of my work clothes. The next morning i was still in those same clothes. He would not let me in the house. I went to work in the same clothes, whatever makeup was still on my face..i stopped at a gas station to rinse out my mouth as best i could .. i didnt have a brush but was able to at least put my hair in a ponytail. I arrived before class started..took my seat (5 students 1 trainer) felt phsychologically and physically beaten .. i couldnt stay awake .. i froze all night in my car .. i do t know whether anyone noticed my outfit was the same or not.. he asked if we would be having sex that night when i pulled in the driveway after work. I said "i cant" .. he screamed "no you CAN nothing preventing you from FIng me ots that you WONT .. Again i slept in my car.. it was the 3rd day in the same clothes im sure it was noticeable .. my hair .. unwashed (but wiped) face .. again falling asleep during training .. the City let me go. I waited 8 1/2 months for that job. Of course he had nothing to do with it and all i do is blame other people for everything bad that happens in my life .. bad things didnt used to happen or rarely but certainly never repeated job loss .. now i no longer have my impeccable 13 yr career with CBS .. former co workers have been hearing of my multiple firings .. im afraid to ask any of them to be a reference for me .. ive used the same ones for the last several jobs ..which i have lost .. i cant bring myself to ask them to put their reputations on the line again for me. I have to get out of this situation but i have to have income to do it .. he wants me to be beholden to him and ill be damned if thats going to happen. So as i said theres nothing even remotely solid, structured healthy, supportive, stable or funny about NPD ASPD HPD Psychopathy any way u slice it .. i am no where near the human being that ive been all my life. Im ruined. And no they really ARENT ppl who deserve help. A little research and youll see that a narc knows exactly what hes doing. Thats why he does it. He needs to be the center of attn .. hes the criminally minded unethical monster who mirrors all of his own traits onto you to take suspicion and the spotlight off himself and onto you. And to the uninformed it works .. you are portrayed as the heartless monster with zero empathy and zero conscience for anyone especially your current victim im liz

March 4, 2016 - 4:32am


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