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Hi Keisa -

Basically you seem to be asking for someone else to make a judgement as to whether getting naked and close to having sex with your ex-boyfriend was really having sex with him or if it was something else. What else would it be? You can play games and say that technically since there was no penetration there was no "sex" but there is far more to "sex" than the act itself. Intimacy is a key part of healthy sexual relationships between adults. 

In any case, you seem to have only recently started an ongoing relationship with the new boyfriend and apparently have some type of agreement now to only see each other. You didn't have that agreement before and what you did before this agreement is your business, not his. Try to focus on your future and stop feeling guilty. You will have a much healthier relationship with the new boyfriend if you stick to what you have now agreed to rather than worrying about the past.

Hope that helps,


November 19, 2014 - 5:24pm


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