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Hi Anonymous and thanks for your question.

The information you shared indicates you had a very thorough cardiac work up and no clear cardiac problems were found. What was indicated, however, was that you were dealing with anxiety and slight dehydration. You have not mentioned taking any steps to deal with the anxiety or dehydration, which would seem like basic first steps toward improving your health.

It's not clear what may be causing the pain you're experiencing, and no one on the Internet would be able to accurately diagnosis your situation.

You mention several times not having insurance. The Affordable Care Act has made insurance available now to many people who did not have it in the past, have you checked into this? There are also free clinics available in many communities. Have you done any online searches to see if there are any clinics in your community?Here is a link to one site which helps people find free clinics, and there are others as well.


It's smart to be concerned about your health and want to know what's going on and take preventive measures if needed. I hope you will take the time to locate the resources that are available to you to get to a physician or clinic that can care for you full time and help you live a more healthy life.



November 17, 2014 - 5:38pm


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