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I have to respectfully disagree. It happened to me. I lived it and still am living it. Every day I was a science project because no one knew how to treat me after my hysterectomy. I was overdosed on progesterone and given 100 x's the required dosage for someone who has a uterus! I didn't have one. Why in the world would I need progesterone without a uterus?

You need to look at the studies I talked about in the article. Show me the studies that say progesterone will benefit a woman after she's had a complete hysterectomy. It made me deathly ill taking progesterone and caused me to have severe depression, weight gain (just what I didn't need), bloating and edema, just to mention a few of my symptoms. I was told to rub it all over my body. I never felt so sick!!!

Also, after my hysterectomy my cholesterol numbers went up. My cholesterol was always normal until then. It continued to go up until I got on the right HRT regime. Which for me was estradiol and a bit of testosterone. All of a sudden my bad cholesterol decreased by over 50 pts and my ratios were so much better. So, you can't tell me there is no benefit to the heart when it comes to Estrogen! I have lived this nightmare and have been over medicated, under medicated, given medications I should have never have had and now have to take them for the rest of my life because someone thought maybe I had a thyroid problem. I have to have at least one more surgery as well.

Here's the truth- I was having heart issues and then my Hormone Doctor who specializes in women and hormones gave me a bit more estrogen and the heart issues were gone. Totally gone. Have not had another episode since. How does one explain that?? I want you to be informed and it sounds to me like you are very informed in many areas but are missing a big piece of this whole hormonal puzzle. I'm happy to give you more studies about estrogen and the benefits. I also have some on why I shouldn't take progesterone if you'd like too. I want you to be informed as I wouldn't want you to go through the same thing I did if you're a woman, and/or have someone you know have it happen to them. I feel the BEST I've ever felt at 54 years old and no progesterone is needed.

I almost died because some health care professionals are misinformed. It's not their fault, it's the fault of the broken system in which we continue to live with in today's world. But please don't tell women that estrogen can protect their hearts. You sound like the cardiologist who wanted to take me off of it. She could have killed me! I've been through enough and seen enough and read enough to know about hormones. No, I'm not a doctor but I certainly am an educated patient by default because of misinformation around women and hormones. Why can't we all have consensus around this topic? Just goes to show you how little we've done to get good solid information out to the consumers as well as the healthcare professionals.

Please show me the studies about estrogen coupled with progestins and how it reduces all of these female cancers etc... I would love to see what you're talking about as I've not seen these studies before. I am more than willing to read and learn anything and everything I can so women can get the best information around their hormonal health and overall well being. That's the most important thing for me as the founder of this company.

Thank you for commenting on my article. It starts a great debate which I believe is healthy for everyone concerned. We need to have great data and studies for women around their hormonal health. Today, we are boxed into the WHI which didn't help women and or doctors. We now know it killed at least 50,000 women because women went off of their estrogen. That study is on our site. I want science based information and studies proving points. That's why I always ask a thought leader in a particular area of women's health before I post an article like this. Hence, the reason Dr. Phillip Sarrel is referenced in the article and knows the studies. He is a thought leader in this field. Let's see if we can get him to comment on this as well. The more information and studies we can find....the better it is for all women and their doctors. Be well! MKR

September 4, 2014 - 4:02pm


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