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I found this site because I'm at the point where I just can't take it anymore. The people on this Earth are all just cruel and heartless, it seems. Everything feels like it's my fault, and my parents don't make it much better. My mother knows I have depression, but all she seems to do is make it worse. Looking back at myself when I was young, it surprises me how I could get up and act as if the world was all sunshine and rainbows. Everyone at school jokes about depression, not knowing that there's someone struggling with it right behind them. People always say, "You can't be sad, there's people who have it worse than you." Really, it's like saying you can't be happy because others have it better. But whenever I'd say that, they would just not care. I literally have no one who actually cares. I can't see myself going anywhere in life, I just don't have a purpose. All I do is waste everyone else's oxygen. I don't fit in with the few people I talk to at school, and my best friend has stopped talking to me because she found other friends. I've tried cutting, and it helped for a while, but now I've fallen deeper. And I know I won't ever be happy again, so I've decided I want to end it. Everyone says that people who speak about ending their lives don't actually do it, well- I guess I'm going to prove them wrong.

March 16, 2017 - 1:44pm


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