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All I know is that after being raped, sorry, I started to smell, then got ulcers or cysts in my womb and every period is painful.

Smells really bad. I also got big dark spots that left dark pigmentation that scabs with a hole in the middle, so the spot scabs over peels off then turns black circle like black marks on my face. Doctors don't know everything, it would seem like I was making it up. I been checked for nearly all STD's and nothing was found. Early on I went out with a half african and white guy, brought up in africa and I got a infection something I am unsure of but they said if I had children my kids would get it.

These things are real, doctors do not know everything there is to know. Why do I smell like that - I remember the white male smelt weird and I assumed that was how they smelt - it was a bad smell like something raw and hotdogish, musty. I really thought that was what the what they smelt like and it was awful.

Then I started getting all these complications.

August 21, 2014 - 1:19pm


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