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I don't any surgery that doesn't sound graphic. Not all bunion surgeries are preformed the same way. It depends on the severity of the bunion. Your mother had bunion and a hammer toe surgery. The doctor shaved down the bone with no implants put in it. Her hammer toe had a pin put in it to make it straight again. She didn't use any pain medication after her surgery (ice and elevating are key to recovery) and it now looks beautiful again.
As for people who currently have a bunion- Orthopeadic doctors recommend you get your shoes stretched (wooden foot that make it wider) & put a corn pad to help with the irritation. (I know this because I work for a group orthopeadic doctors)
Maybe the next time you write an article you should ask someone who specializes in that area of the medical field.

December 12, 2012 - 2:05pm


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