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the thing is she never spends time with her boyfriends,she is always focused on her son.Im not saying she shouldnt be but he is gonna be 18 in 6 yrs and she is gonna be alone.she wants a loving relationship but she has many character flaws that she I guess doesnt realize..like she is all about status how much money he makes what kind of car he drives..she dates men of another nationality and thinks its ok to use racial slang about their people.I know you can not do that..they lose respect...she jokes about getting shiney pretty things and the married guy bought her a d ish washer.she didnt see him for 7months and if a man loves you he will be there.I can feel she doesnt like to hear about my relationship because finally after 18yrs in an abusive relationship I found happiness.it sucks cuz when ur happy u wanna share it with your friends and I cant with her.I dont think I can help her.

September 2, 2012 - 8:14am


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