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Since you brought such topic up their is something that I really need to know. First thing I want to know is urinary tract infection is it another way of saying kidney infection? Yesterday I went to the urologist because of symptoms of kidney infection and I mentioned that I feel pain below the left side of my stomach to the left side of my back all the way down to my left leg. I felt alot of pain, pressure and burning sensation mostly in my left leg. Since your saying if left untreated it can cause complications I'm afraid of this. I was also experiencing symptoms of being out of breathe from time to time, I felt very hot from time to time, feeling nausea, constipated and painful from the left side of my back when I go to the bathroom. Do you think this is symptoms of UTI kidney infection?

The urologist only examined my abdomen and told me if such thing happens again I should see a gastroenterologist. Sounds awkward for me to see such doctor because if I felt pain from my back whenever I went to the bathroom, wouldn't this mean that it's kidney infection? I'm feeling better now but I'm afraid if I just leave it and become some kind of problem. He did a kidney ultrasound and didn't see any problem. I hope I don't experience such thing again but if in case I do, do you think it's right that I go back to the urologist? Please let me know.

Thank You,

May 30, 2012 - 7:28pm


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