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You should also scrutinize the smaller details like zippers and press studs. For example, fabricators stamp "LV" onto zippers much like a real Louis Vuitton bag, however, the monograms should be clear and precise. Fakes have smudged monograms and tend to look gaudy. On Juicy Couture bags, look for the "J" heart shape to be all leather, making sure the leather is not shiny. Coach uses YKK zippers for their handbags, so make sure you look for that tiny detail..
Is this louis vuitton real
One of the main trademarks [url=http://www.nikefreeschuhe.org][b]nike free[/b][/url] of any designer bag is quality. Most designer handbags are handmade, part of the reason why they [url=http://www.nikefreedk.eu][b]nike free sko[/b][/url] are more expensive than other handbags. Telltale signs of a fake bag include uneven stitching, puckered seams or lowquality material. [url=http://www.billigenikeshox.net][b]billige nike shox[/b][/url] The thread from the stitching should be the same color as the bag. Louis Vuitton uses one piece of fabric to make a handbag. Therefore, stitching and seams are kept to a minimum.
While many fabricators can duplicate a designer signature design or stamp, there are ways of telling the bona fide from the fake. The identification numbers embossed onto the inside identification tag of a Coach bag should have the abbreviated "No.," followed by four numbers.

June 6, 2013 - 6:47am


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