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I am not sure if the diet helps every child with autism. I believe it does require more research because I tried the diet for 10 month on my 9 year old child and it was difficult for me to identify a significant change. Some improvements could have been because of other behavior approaches and during those 10 months, my child cried and cried every day. The first week of the diet, our DAN doctor told us that the crying and frustrating melt downs were "die-off," but this die-off (candida dying in the gut releasing toxins) lasted for almost all the 10 months. Again, I am not against diets, but I suggest more research to be done because applying a strict diet to our child was one of the most difficult task for him and for us. Now he eats almost anything, but we focus on healthy food. Nevertheless, we continue to struggle with the same meltdowns and autism symptoms that he had during the diet.

February 5, 2012 - 1:47am


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