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I'm exactly like you, Jody, only with fibromyalgia instead of chronic fatigue syndrome. I used to be a TV news producer, working in a huge room with a studio on one end, a lighting grid overhead, a dozen phones ringing all the time and police scanners chattering continuously. I had hourly deadlines. I used to absorb information yelled across the room to me while I was writing a story and giving directions to a reporter over the phone.
Then, it was like a switch flipped and suddenly I couldn't remember anything, couldn't multitask, and collapsed into a twitching lump of pain after stressful newscasts (which was most of them!)
I left that job 4.5 years ago and have spent the past 4 years working online, somewhere between part time and full time most weeks, and a bit less than part time when things have been really bad. It's allowed me to get the down time I need to heal, and since I write about fibromyalgia & CFS, I've done extensive research that has helped me find treatments that work for me.
The internet is a wonderful thing, isn't it? Thanks for sharing your story!

January 13, 2012 - 1:08am


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