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Of course I knew someone would say crap like "we are delusional" but whatever say whatever you wanna say but let me tell you something when a woman wants some from her man and even says something like "hey sweetheart you wanna do it" and not much of a reply and just sits there and plays games so anyways both are laying down and the man thinking woman is asleep but she's not and he starts playing with himself and your back is turned to him but you turn over and instantly you see his hand stops moving...bed is not shaking and so you stay laying like that so he either rolls over with his back to you or faces you but he's trying to be more secerative but the woman can still tell what man is doing plus the man raises his head looking towards your direction but if he realizes you awake man stops but if woman pretends to be asleep then the man continues to jack off and the man will even step as low as when he raises his head to see if you awake or not and realizes you are he puts his head back down but shakes his head. Oh and if woman ask man about it guess what mine says " I can't help what I dream...I don't have any control of what I dream.....I'm like excuse me but how in the hell a man be dreaming when he raises his head and looks at you and stops then proceeds like really.... seriously....umm no I don't think so!!!! The man isn't dreaming...he is faking he's asleep and jacking off...this happens almost every night and do we have sex? Hardly ever and you know what I have to say about that it's not delusional whatsoever!!!! Trust me I don't want the feelings of all this bulls#[email protected]$ does to me ..it hurts and makes woman feel unwanted and when woman catchs man trust me we don't want that sh$# in our lives and we sure in the hell not making it up like seriously...crying almost every night....depressed....feeling worthless...I can go on and on but I know it doesn't matter to some people for they are not going through it so until you go through something like this then keep comments to yourself because trust me woman gets plenty of bulls#@$# from man and of course we not allowed to say anything for man don't know sh#@# and blows up but us women go through his sh#$ every damn night and trust me it's worse feeling to have..
Also another thing woman is with man for year and haven't witness nothing like this from man until bam 2 or 3 months ago but for some reason all of a sudden oh I'm having dreams and decided to play with self and act like he's not doing a dam thing and it's like us women are stupid and don't know no better...uh wrong! Like I said I can go and on but I'm done!

May 22, 2018 - 9:08am


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