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oh what i believe hes loving to masterbate an you should not mind enjoy it i would get off on watching him at least hes not hiding it from you maybe if you watcrd him you would want to do yourself whatever makes them feel good is what is best enjoy dont ruin it thers nothing better than watching someone masterbate i can cum just watching an if i touch myself while watching i will go bazerk its so good so dont miss out by being mad join in an he may be hinting to you to do this so he can watch ypou.he is loving what hes doing to himself an thers nothing wrong with that to my thoughts it thrilling i could watch it an listen everyday of my life all day .just watch his face an how hes loving it but i can say ive never saw anyone give themselves a blow job that would blow my mind maybe im a bit wierd but just relax being mad is no good you need to jerk the bed while he is tell him hes turning you on an go for it, its also good to jack them off i can cum doing that id rather have this kind of sex than any honey take my advice you wont b sleeping cause you wont stop doing this im excited to give my opinion to you this is my kind of thing an i also like watching women please themselves im a wierdo maybe but id love to be in your shoes for a few nights trust me relax an get it on you will thank me later on what advice i have given you cause it will turn your world into pure pleasure please do this an you will not regret it i promise even if you dont want to make yourself an see what happens have fun its great

November 3, 2016 - 12:16pm


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