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(reply to stacy cranfield)

There isn't a whole lot that embarrasses my boyfriend, but I think you're absolutely right. He seems to be very embarrassed that I caught him, and probably even more embarrassed that I tried to lay there until he was done. Usually we communicate with each other very well unless one or both of us is extremely angry for some reason. Then we take a breather and try again another time. I learned from being married before how important it is to communicate with each other. I did make a point of telling him that if he is up late and in the mood I don't mind being woken up because I don't have to get up early (i work 2nd shift). I even went as far as telling him if he's in the mood and doesn't want actual sex that I'm willing to help him out in other ways because I want to keep him satisfied and happy. He seemed to be pleased to know that and happy to know that I am willing to do what it takes for him. I am so glad that you showed me a different way to look at his behavior instead of thinking about it so negatively. If it happens again I will definitely take your advice and take over, he would probably love it! I am actually very shy when it comes to sex, but being with him has helped me discover so many things about myself that I will do whatever it takes to keep things good with us. i thank you so very much for your advice and it's good to know that you and your husband can work with each other so well!

December 1, 2011 - 4:17pm


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