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I'm not sure if you've ever been in a similar situation, but it's not exactly as easy as that. I did talk to him about it and the conversation didn't go well at all. We talked again, but he skipped over a lot of the things I wanted to discuss which made me think he was uncomfortable talking about it. I am not going to force him into talking about something that makes him feel weirded out.

He and I usually are able to talk about anything openly, including sex, but we've never really talked about masturbation much. He had actually told me previously that he stopped doing it. If the conversation embarrasses him, I don't want to push him. I was upset that night and probably would be again if it happened again, but I don't want him to feel dirty or nasty because he is masterbating. I made a point of telling him that he didn't do anything wrong exactly by masturbating, I just didn't understand why he needed to do it after so much sex, and why would he think it's ok to do it in the bed next to me while I'm trying to sleep.

I was previously married for 7 years so I know a lot about communication and respect, but I'm with someone that is in his first adult relationship. I have to be mindful of that in certain situations.

November 30, 2011 - 7:05pm


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