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Eczema is such a horrendous condition to live with, especially when it is your baby that is suffering and there is nothing you can do. I lost all hope in what GP's were offering my son to treat his horribly sore skin as everything they gave us hurt him so much when we put it on, and didn't seem to make any difference. It has always alarmed me that some of the creams given to us by the GP carry the warning "wash hands thoroughly after use" but I had just covered my baby in it, that just doesn't seem right! We discovered a product called Skin Salvation through a friend and this was the first and only thing that made a difference and did not hurt him to put on. It is by no means a cure, nothing is, but this has really brought my son's skin under control and I know I can rely on it when he gets flare ups as he still does sometimes. Diet is so key in reducing his flare ups, we avoid dairy especially but as he is now 2 he does eat things sometimes that don't help his skin but with the Skin Salvation I know I don't have to hear him crying all through the night anymore because his skin is so sore and itchy. I would recommend it to anyone who has lost hope, it really did make our lives far more manageable and my little boy no longer cringes at the thought of having cream put on him, he actually quite enjoys it!
I get Skin Salvation from www.purepotions.co.uk - it is quite expensive but a little goes a long way and it is completely worth every penny for us.
Good luck, hope this might help someone!

September 28, 2011 - 10:18am


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