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I'd like to know how the 2014 bill is going to help people like me. I do home health care. I provide in home care on 24 and 12 hour shifts. The client is a smoker and is MRSA positive. How is the gov going to make it so I can safely pump and store my milk? The gov "smoking" ban in the workplace is a crock. It doesn't protect health care workers like myself. I've called and written my states health depts. and nothing is done. So, if this provision for bf mothers is made, just how will this work? Because the govt can't make a homeowner build a new private space onto their home.

yes, I could quit my job, but as a single parent living in a small town there isn't many jobs to go around. As a doula/LPN/caregiver I've been told I'm overqualified for the jobs in my area. (I tried getting a 2 nd job).

Rant over. I'm just tired of all the loopholes with the govt.

March 13, 2012 - 11:02pm


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