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HERWriter (reply to Vavilla01)

Vavilla01 - thanks so much for your comment!

I absolutely agree with your point that our society tends to inundate children with messages about gender and what girls should play with vs. what boys should. This is a dangerous thing and it ends up perpetuating stereotypes and stigmas (as you said). However I don't necessarily believe the controversy over the Breastfeeding Baby Doll relates completely to this gender norm issue, as much as it pertains to a parent's attitude towards holding real, open conversations with their children (boy and girl). After working in a preschool classroom, I have seen that boys love to play with dolls as often as their girl peers do (especially if their parents just had another baby!). Breastfeeding Baby Doll will be no different in my opinion, and could even promote better opportunities for boys to "try the halter on for size" and walk in a mommy's shoes for a while. If parents are willing to have a conversation about this wonderful, healthy behavior, there is no reason that this doll will perpetuate the old-fashioned gender norms we are working so hard to get away from. Thoughts?

August 2, 2011 - 2:56am


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