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I had had liposuction after working very hard and maintaining my weight for 12 yrs. I can't tell you the devistateing effects it has had on me ... to loosing a mate and my self worth I went from being proud of myself to crawling back into the fat girl.. my weakness has made me once again vunerable to the bullying the side comments from people walking down the street. He left fat pockets uneven to the point they are visable through my clothes...After loosing my job of 23 yrs my car and my home all with in hours in one day I have no money for a revision nor are there any pro bono Dr's in SanFrancisco bay area. So I am stuck with this forever... Yes I did my home work. So if there is a remote chance that you or anyone else knows of anyone that can help me so I can regain myself back please let me know.It would be greatly appreciated.

August 5, 2012 - 12:04pm


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