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Hi Anon,

Thanks for your question. Basically, what your doctor means by the break line still being there is that your fracture is not healing. By now, with nonsurgical treatment your fracture would no longer have the fracture there and there would be a union between the joints. In your case, since there is still a fracture, there is a nonunion an surgery may be necessary if they don't fuse together with treatment.

If the fracture is out of place or your ankle is unstable, your fracture may be treated with surgery. To make your ankle stable, a plate and screws on the side of the bone or a screw or rod inside the bone may be used to re-align the bone fragments and keep them together as they heal.

If you have any concerns regarding surgery, don't be afraid to give your doctor.

All the best,


June 15, 2011 - 6:50am


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