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Not to mention the newly discovered 'glitch' that would qualify about 3 million middle class persons for medicaid. Meaning a married couple could pull in $64,000 a year and receive Medicaid which is already struggling to pay for those who DO equality. Clearly, the APA had 'good' intentions but when you write a bill that long and vote on it before people have had time to process everything there are going to be major screw ups. Same thing that happened with the Patriot Act that so many hate, just vote and we'll figure out what it says later tends not to work longterm All I know is the tricare I now sends me to a hospital that is poorly equipped and below par because I have Prime (the highest/best level). Meanwhile those with tricare standard can go to one of the best hospitals in my city, with top notch doctors and rooms that aren't still dirty from the last patient (literally there was someone else's blood on the floor and sheets when they tried to put me in a room). THIS is what happens when the govn't makes the rules; those who pay more, for the better plan get less. If that's not rationing or causing less equality treatment, then I don't know what is.
The bill needs to be fixed, BADLY. The problem comes down to this; my husband has seen a doctor maybe twice in the last 10 years, he doesn't go to the dr. While he does have healthcare because of me, there is no reason he should HAVE to have healthcare if he's not using it. And unless everyone, including illegals are included in mandatory HC there will still be ppl using the system with no insurance. Supposedly that's what ita all about-- ppl w/o insurance causing HC rates to rise for the rest, but how many millions are here illegally? That's still millions of people w/o HC that will continue to 'cause' prices to rise (and I use the term 'cause' loosely, it's all about $, making $ but this is their claim not mine). Yes we have a duty to help those less fortunate, but overloading the HC system isn't going to help anyone. My GP dr has a small practice, knows his patients stories, families and details about their lives amd medical issues all w/o GLAMCING at a chart. I have his personal email and an emergency cell # that goes straight to him, and him alone. If his patient load suddenly tripled I guarantee that quality of care would cease to exist faster than you can snap your fingers. Toni

June 26, 2011 - 11:09pm


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