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Ms Jaff- its quite remarkable to say you are educated about pain because you read the PPACA-an act that would have excluded issues on pain if it werent for the efforts of Senator Hatch and the APF. I recommend you read A Call To Revolutionize Pain Care In America, HUman Rights Watches Report- Please Dont Make Us Suffer Anymore-and The Overlapping Conditions Alliance 2010 report on pain. As someone who knows something about pain care-the efforts of the Federal government from the PPACa- reflect the continuous escalation of failure of the government to take the suffering of millions of Americans seriously-and pain will remain "tragically overlooked" as the aforementioned reports mention- or as the Texas Pain Inititatives 2007 rep[ort indicated- the massive failure to assess and treat pan will continue when folks like yourself and folks in government take the issue seriously- You are not on the right side because you fail to do much investigating and hence your glib attitude toward people in pain and those who care about them
- IF Doctors were trained then theyd realize pain should be taken seriously and they would band together to improve pain care

June 26, 2011 - 9:59am


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