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The last sentence of this article is entirely inaccurate. Gastric electrical stimulation was approved by the FDA under a humanitarian device exemption in 2000. It has been in use for 11 years and there are a load of medical journal articles that support its use. Before patients go this route, there are several medications they should try including Reglan and erythromycin. In addition, although not FDA approved, some patients have had good luck with domperidone, which is available from Canada and elsewhere. Medication for nausea including Zofran and Phenergan may help, as well. There even are botox injections to the pylorus.

The key to gastroparesis is that it's not about fixing the stomach itself; it's about stimulating the vagus nerve. That's why a neurostimulator works so well for so many patients. We have done over 150 insurance appeals for the gastric electrical stimulator, which is covered by Medicare, United Healthcare, and many other plans.

June 24, 2011 - 4:46am


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