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Well, my restless legs finally got to the point where nothing was working and they were waking me from a dead sleep (if I was fortunate enough to drop off to sleep before they started up). I went to see my doctor, who is now running umpteen different blood tests on me. She prescribed Mirapex for me. The pharmacy gave me the generic (and at $94 for that I'm grateful). Unfortunately, they don't help me drop off to sleep, AND give me an massive headache within minutes of taking it. I seriously need to find an alternative to big pharmas chemical drugs. Think I'll try using both potassium and magnesium together, along with the cherries to see if that helps. The pulsing in my lower legs is pretty constant and even though it doesn't create the "need to move" in the legs all the time, it's just a weird feeling. I'll see what the doctor comes back with, but I really don't want any prescriptions.

September 5, 2011 - 8:41am


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