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Not surprised he can email everyone back...Downey, Ca was tiny town. Like 50 people lived there. Now maybe couple thousand since i have last been there.
Great place except for the snow. Right on Yuba river above from more famous places GrassValley/Nevada City.
I will look into his book since i live very near there.
Mirapex did not work ...i hurt from fibro and RA/Sle pain...between all of them either up up every half hour to hour or like last night ...i did not sleep hardly at all night before so slept about 3 hours than wake up and cannot get comfortable stay up on computer trying to not feel pain...so no sleep.
I notice i sleep much worse full moon as do all women in my family and my husband plus many others. you notice this anyone as well?
Hey Tahoe...are you from there? I spend time there...mainly southern but now live north near Oregon Border. So do not get down as much. So pretty! IT is all should see if they travel to ca to see Yosemite also see, mono lake drive north on 395 and cross over Carson valley to see Lake Tahoe. I picked up guy grew up back east NYC in Reno...he kept seeing small lakes saying is that Tahoe?
When he finally did and he seen Shasta Lake a lot...he was WOW! but he did same for Mono and Yosemite ...said their beauty cannot be captured by cameras etc.
thanks for starting this group! after all that you probably just like the name lol!

March 11, 2012 - 9:54am


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