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can you please write responsibly? women who wait longer to have children are at no greater likelihood of having endometriosis. rather, it's something called "reverse causation". they are less lkely to have kids b/c the endometriosis makes it hard for them to do so. unfortunately, society continues to blame the woman by saying...oh, those who waited longer to have kids get the disease. also, i am happy that in your case only a small amount of tissue needed to be removed. however, in most stage 4, sevre cases, much more is removed. personally speaking, i had pieces of my colon taken out, part of my ovary, and even my diaphragm. if you really want to "empower her", please consult authorities on endometrosis. please don't continue the cycle of misinformation that plagues women with this condition.

April 16, 2011 - 5:20pm


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