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I have had the same in the past, & I caught my husband watching porn......
Ya, I know guys...everyone does it right? Its normal you say..... Maybe you all should read up on the effects that porn has on guys & relationships. I have done a lot of reading this last couple of months & let me tell you, everything that I have read says that porn is bad for the guy & bad for the relationship (the relationships like mine where I hate porn)..it degrades women & makes men think that the things that are happening in the movies is real & then they want some of that, guess what guys, those things are normal in the movies, it is not so much real in real life. Here is a small paragraph of one of the articles that I read...........

The Benefits of Watching Porn...

Whether you’re a porn virgin or have been viewing for years, it’s important not to think of porn as a how-to guide. “Trying to learn how to be a better lover by watching mainstream porn is like trying to learn how to be a better driver by watching The Fast and the Furious. It’s a bad idea,” says sex educator Reid Mihalko. You would never treat people’s bodies the way they do in a porno, plus most of the positions are cheated and parts are edited out, he explains. And remember that, as with regular movies, you’re watching actors, so don’t compare yourself to them.

I am concerned that couples today are not having the loving relationships that our grandparents had, probably because they did not have high speed internet porn. I also read up on this....guess what...guys in their 20's are having erectile dysfunction......that is unheard of.....anyone want to rethink their porn use? Go ahead, read about the effects of porn, & young guys having problems....it is really sad.
I just thought that I would stick in my message because I am concerned & am going through this now. Hope everyone does their homework in order to help the relationships that you want to save. Also, watch videos of guys talking about quitting watching porn & how much better their sex lives, libidos & relationships became. It is never to late to break a habit, especially if it is affecting your sex life with your partner.
Good luck all.

September 10, 2015 - 2:21pm


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