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Just remember the next time you have PMS, that it is every bit as easy for you to "ignore" the effects of all the estrogen and progesterone coursing through your system as it is for him to "ignore" the testosterone coursing through his own system when he is aroused by your presence.

Because *you* are undoubtedly the source of that excess testosterone --- if he was not turned on by your mere presence, he wouldn't have such a dire urge to masturbate at that time. Saying that he should just wait until the next day to release that tension is very much the same as him saying that you should wait until he is not around to feel bloated and/or irritable.

You claim to feel the same things he feels yet be able to control it. This is almost certainly not the case. If you were born a female and have been a female your entire life, then you almost certainly have not, in fact, ever experienced what it feels like to be have that much testosterone in your system. Likewise, most men have never experienced what it feels like to have copious estrogen coursing through their own systems. After a friend decided to transition to the female gender, I spoke with several folks that underwent gender reassignment surgery, which involves being pumped full of estrogen. One common remark I heard was that, as soon as they were given the estrogen, they suddenly understood the joys of shopping and gossiping, and they got emotional and cried, they nagged and picked silly fights with friends and family. They had to learn to control these urges, because they were new to them. After some practice, they were able to act like a normal woman; however, none of them successfully acted like a man during the hormone therapy. I am quite confident that the situation would be similar for a woman that was given large amounts of testosterone. Many things that are easy for you now would be impossibly difficult. Hormones are powerful.

May 18, 2015 - 6:55pm


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