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I have a story to share as well feeling really annoyed n low. So i met my ex from 2 yrs ago. We never had sex in that 3 month relationship because i didn't want to. So i happened to work around his area n asked to have lunch. We had lunch said bye like buddies. Then he texted n asked if i left his city already? N i should Visit His place since we haven't seen each other. I was ok with it. I ended up spending the night. He showed no interest in doing anything and i know we we're going to share the same bed so wasn't sure where this was going..? We decided to watch movie in his bed. Five mins into the movie he asked for a kiss. Then it happened!! It lead to it slowly but it happened. let me add a yr back he had been very persistent in asking me to come over his place n gave up.

So here is where im so confused n disturbed. After he washed up n came back to the room it felt so weird. Sex was quick i didnt really get a chance to complete:/ N he knew that! He crawls into bed and goes on his on fb or whatever. I pretended to sleep. He didn't cuddle with me or anything

February 27, 2015 - 11:36pm


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