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To the few guys on here:
I don't buy it for one minute that you wouldn't mind waking up to us doing the same thing. I think you'd feel overwhelmed by it, you'd wonder why we didn't just wake you up, you might feel a bit turned on by it but you'd still find it a bit "in your face" too, unless it had been discussed previously.

That's part of what I'm getting at: communication. If I just did something like that without communication first, the average guy would still probably be a bit put off. Here's why: most men seem happy to know that their girlfriend has a killer sex drive, as long as THEY are the ones inspiring that sex drive. Just last night, we were watching the Superbowl and although it was totally fine for my boyfriend and his friend to enjoy the Victoria Secret commercial, I got a few questioning stares when I commented about how hot Tom Brady is.

Look, we are a generation away from Women's Lib. I get that. In the past forty-fifty years I've gone from housewife material to semi-virtual-equal. A lot has changed, but your mindset hasn't entirely. I'm still not quite about to express the fact that, my sex drive is absolutely bigger than my boyfriend's. That's just my insecurity, that's him just not being interested.

The idea that I would take care of my own business in bed next to him, without him being the one to "start my engine", the idea that I could be thinking about ANYTHING or ANYONE (and like most women, yes, it's not my boyfriend in my mind, but then, I know I'm not what he thinks about frequently either), bothers him.

Just imagine that, guys: you wake up and she's quietly moaning away, making it clear that she wants nothing to do with you in this procedure even though you were right there, making it obvious that you aren't what is turning her on, something else is, and making it clear that she isn't going to stop. I think you'd feel a weird combination of turned on and rejected, just like we do.

February 2, 2015 - 8:23am


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