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I wet the bed until I was 25 and then again at age 29 after I delivered twins. A Malem bedwetting alarm was the only thing that ever worked for me when I couldn't wake up at night on my own (I stopped wetting within 2 weeks after 25 years of trying other stuff!) About the rash... I almost never got rashes, but I found that when I was dehydrated my urine was full of more chemicals and my skin was a lot dryer (less oils and moisture to protect it from the chemicals) and I would get a very painful rash. When that happened, I would have to put ointment on it (Desitin), baby powder or even aloe vera if it kept burning, and make sure the rash gets some air. Also, I recently learned that it does not help to restrict liquids before bed or even all day, as your body will retain water when it is dehydrated (usually in your legs and feet), and then once you're laying down all the water flows up to your bladder and you pee a lot more through the night, even if you went to bed feeling extremely thirsty! So, it's important to get a lot to drink in the earlier hours of the day, so you don't become dehydrated, and then also make sure you get physical activity and don't sit for too long so the water won't collect in your lower limbs. Good luck and hope this helps!

October 22, 2014 - 9:48pm


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