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Nice article, sunscreen is definitely not a panacea, and not just because people don't always apply it correctly. Petrochemical sunscreens have various side effects, including estrogenic activity and exhibit bioaccumulation since most get abosrbed through your skin and into your blood, tissue, nervous system and organs.
Additionally, most medical literature has found that sunscreen users don't have a reduced rate of melanoma. There are several potential causes for this observation, including that petrochemical sunscreens, all of which are benzene derivatives, actually do direct DNA damage which results in carcinogenesis. This coupled with UV induced oxidative pressure is not a good combination.

If you really want to avoid sun damage, avoid the sun and use a zinc oxide formula such as Green Screen Organic Sunscreen [product link removed by EmpowHER moderator].
Also noteworthy for the Moms out there - zinc oxide is the only sunscreen active ingredient that's approved by FDA for use on children and babies - all the other formulas haven't been tested on children despite their 'child formula' marketing claims and have as such NOT been demonstrated as safe.

March 3, 2011 - 12:12pm


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