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(reply to Babibubbles)

He is always stressed about something, has always been like this since iv known him. He is vary excited about having his first baby, When i first met him he thought he was infertile and this caused an extreme depression, so when we found out i was pregnant he was overjoyed. He is surprisingly open with me and we talk often about things that may be bothering the either of us, however some things don't come to a solution. I am due to have our daughter March 25th, iv talked with my OB and he says it wont hurt the baby any to have sex, but that i should call if anything changes or i start to have problems and i will receive further advice from there. I can tell he is embarrassed about the STD, and is to proud to admit to anything. If it had been the other way around and i was the one who had given it to him i would feel terrible, and be ashamed of my actions, i can only imagine he feels some sort of regret for his but hasn't quite come to terms with himself yet....iv never blamed him, it wasn't on purpose after all and i can tell hes hurting inside trying to come to terms. When it first happened he held me and rocked me with tears in his eyes and said "whatever this is we'll get through it together....and for what its worth im sorry" Those few words iv held on to this whole time, they give me strength to go on. He's not a bad guy, im just having trouble understanding him and his actions toward me.

February 25, 2011 - 1:10pm


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