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Ok I posted the last post abt my bf not wanting to have sex & I'm 8 months preg. Well there's a new prob, we were attempting it & he Cldnt keep going bc it wldnt cooperate (if u know wha I mean). I just layed down & cried for over an hr while he used the excuse "his knee hurt" however it has hurt in the past & that didn't happen. The prob with sex started abt 3 months ago, coincidentally around the time I started gaining weight. He says it has nothing to do with that bt I have a hard time believing that. At this point Ido what to believe! I'm devastated bc I think it's me & he's just not attracted to me anymore although he denies it completely. He doesn't even look at me the same, he gives me these looks that make me feel so insecure, like he's disgusted by me. It hurts so bad that he rejects me that I feel like I dnt want to even go through it anymore. I told him if things dnt change I'm leaving him bt he acts like I'm just talking & I'm not serious bt I am. If it were to come to that wld I be making the right decision or am I being selfish???

August 4, 2013 - 3:40pm


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