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My bf & I have been together a total of 5 months & I'm 8 mons preg. In the beginning our sex life was awesome! We did it everyday & he was always all over me. We have never had the traditional missionary type sex, it can be rough & wild or a little forceful bt we both enjoyed it. It was always very hot & very enjoyable. We did break up after the 1st 2mons bt then I found out I'm preg so we got back together. For a while sex was good bt then the farther along I got the less he wanted sex. I begged, cried, & bitched everyday bc he just wanted to go to sleep bc he said he wasn't interested in sex & had a low sex drive. Ok here's the thing, he is what wld be considered the player type & at one time he had a list of over 50 girls he had slept with. So u can imagine how I wld think the prob is me being 8mons preg & unattractive. He says he is turned on by me bt I can't tell. I beg & bitch all the time til I finally get it once a wk maybe. Now he's doing this "I'm tired" going to bed early everynight just so I wnt bother him with it. When he does do it he is just doing it to shut me up. The crazy part is that it's amazing even if it's 1 time a wk. I need to feel loved & closer to him bc he's always distant & sex is how I feel loved bc he's not the kind to show emotion. We use to have a sex life that rocked the house bt now he hardly touches me. I'm doing good if I get a peck on the lips, a hug & "I love u". He has rolled over & went to sleep 3 nights in a row when he use to kiss me, say I love u & told our baby belly goodnight. Oh another thing.. His boss just hired a 19yr old where he wrks & I saw her staring at him the whole time I was there bt she's sup to be sleeping with another guy who wrks there. Well she worked there 2 wks before I found out . I discovered this by a post she put on his FB wall. He accepted her friend request. Since she's been there he's always working over when he dnt get paid for it although she is sup to leave at 3. This girl is the tramps type who wld steal any man away. She's 100lbs &. I'm 200lb. He's never been into big girls although I'm preg. I have had a feeling that will not go away that says he's cheating bt he swears he's not. He wnt touch me so idk what I'm sup to think.any advice?

August 1, 2013 - 12:50am


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