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I appreciate your effort to raise awareness of Endometriosis. However, it's apparent that you do not live with it on a day to day basis, and I'm concerned as to where you obtained much of your information. I'm a little surprised that anyone who hasn't lived with this disease, would be allowed to write about it and actually be published. You are drastically incorrect in many areas and it concerns me greatly that these falsehoods about this disease are being put out for all to refer to as "accurate and reliable."

One of the main things that I believe you need to correct is that the research regarding the link between Endo and cancer is still very inconclusive. Also, I'm not sure where you read that if you're Asian or Caucasian, you're at a greater risk, but this is widely incorrect. Another item that really should be corrected is that there is no way, other than a surgery, to be diagnosed with this disease - no pelvic exam or pelvic ultrasound, because Endo doesn't show up in any of these.

With regards to your comments about hormone therapy... this is a very hot topic for many of us who suffer with Endo everyday. Hormone therapy is one fry short of a happy meal when it comes to being thought of as a "treatment" by any of us. While doctors feel that some forms of hormone therapy are "leading edge" in the world of Endo, I encourage you to ask any women who has actually had to go through these "treatments" and ask them what their life is like now. I would be shocked if you found more than 10% that stated it helped in anyway, if anything they are in worse pain and have even more health problems to deal with because of it.

Again, I appreciate you're effort - but I truly wish you would have done you're homework before writing this article. It does Endometriosis and those of us who are fighting so hard to get correct information out there a huge disservice.

Amber Sorensen
Pleasant Grove, UT
13 year Endometriosis Sufferer
FINALLY diagnosed in 2003

February 16, 2011 - 6:25pm


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