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I’ve been cross dressing since grade school. I was lucky to have my first girlfriend in high school not only ok with it but really liked it when i dressed up for her! We would play dress up an make out every time we got intimate for years. Eventually, we broke up and tried to find a girl that was into me cross dressing for her during sex and it didn’t happen soon enough and when I did try and get with a lady and was not able to dress up or at least have a pair of cotton panties on, I would not be able to maintain an erection. I started to hang out at adult bookstores and spending a lot of time in the video arcades in back, all dressed up, and at first, I told myself I was just there to masturbate, cause I did not have a girlfriend.... but the sounds of the other men masturbating in the booths around me and the smells got me sooo aroused!
And, as it turned out, a lot of the guys, esp the older ones, were very into my cute little outfits. I started going to different bookstores all around the city and at first I went almost everyday, sometimes hanging out all day getting to know myself and the pleasures of older men. As much as I like to dress up like a girl and play with guys, I am mostly happy to be a guy when not being sexual. It was confusing for a while though and this article helped me realize it’s ok to be a guy in normal life and then play dress up for fun. I’ve felt a sort of social pressure to “become a woman” from the trans movement, which I’m fully supportive if someone wants to do that, but I’m glad there’s a term for men like me who absolutely love dressing up as a woman but would prefer to keep the gender I was born with! Thanks for the article! It’s been so helpful! Are there any other articles you have written on the subject or any other articles you can recommend?
Thanks, L

September 3, 2020 - 7:25pm


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